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Video Background in Webflow not working

I am currently trying to use the video input from the Add Element toolbar in webflow to have a responsive video background. I bought a Vimeo Pro membership under the assumption that I could gain access to the ogv and webm versions of my videos but have since learned that I can’t so all I have is the mp4 URL link to embed. Is this possible to do without the other file types and if not, can anyone suggest a site where I can load the video to and gain access to these file types?

I use safari and google chrome

Any and all input would be awesome!

Here’s my preview link

And a link to the screencast

Look for miro video converter to produce your ogg and other format from your mp4. Video background can’t really be achieve with vimeo video and the video widget. You’ll need code. Search html5 video and video background on this forum, there are a few solutions proposed.