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Video Background but how?

Hi Guys,

I’ve just viewed the Rolls Royce website on my iPhone XS and it has video background, the same website on my iPhone 6 just displays images. Can anybody tell me how it’s don’e and how I can accomplish the same thing? Video backgrounds look amazing and the site loaded extremely fast.

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Hi @Taz1

You can add a background video using the background video component in the Add panel. The component will automatically generate an image for touch devices that have data saver enabled, like your iPhone 6. For devices like your iPhone XS, where data saver is disabled, you’ll see the background video.

Learn more about the background video component here:

Learn more about disabling data saver on iPhone.

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I’m on a iPhone 6 is there a way I can disable DataServer so I can see video like I do on my iPhone XS?


Hi @Taz1 I’m not familiar with iPhone 6, but I’m sure you can find an answer here:

Hi, I managed to get it working by turning my battery off low power mode. After some research it looks like most websites don’t have background video as it uses a lot of data for the viewer.

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