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Video auto play embed code not working

Im trying to have a video on my site autoplay as soon as the site is opened or on hover. I tried adding the code “?autoplay=1” to the end of the url link from youtube but it doesnt save. So i press enter, it loads then when i leave that setting and go back the auto play code is atomically deleted. does anyone know why this might be or an alternative to get a video to autoplay?

Here is my public share link: Webflow - X-Stream365's Version 1
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Hey @tenzin,

Upon inspecting your site, I see that you are using a regular video embed to link your YouTube video. I would recommend using Webflow’s built-in YouTube video embed which can be found right next to the video element.

Once you have that element in your design canvas, you get a lot more options, specifically the autoplay option baked right in as shown below:

Please bear in mind, some browsers require the video to be muted for autoplay to work, so have the Mute checkbox selected in Playback settings along withAutoplay, and your video should autoplay on page load.

Tested on Google Chrome Version 89.0.4389.114

Hey @tenzin as @imtiazraqib mentioned the YouTube element is great to control things like autoplay with the check of a box. If you are looking to use a URL Param instead, try using &autoplay=1 instead of ?autoplay=1.

Webflow’s video component is looking for the standard Youtube video link, not the share link. The standard Youtube video link already initiates URL params with the video id, so any additional URL params would use the & symbol instead.

I have tested this using the Youtube share link, and the & symbol without any ? in the URL and it works as well.


ill try that. thank you!