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Video Archive System


I was wondering if there was a way to archive video messages within Webflow. I’m the Graphics and Web Designer for Lifepoint Church and we’re trying to figure out new systems to archive our sermons. Didn’t know if anyone out there has done something similar or not but would love to know any one else’s ideas.

We’re thinking of using a full page for all the messages with the series graphic, sort of like Elevation Church.

We currently use YouTube to upload our videos to. We were using Vimeo in the past, but YouTube has better SEO.

Thanks for your time everyone!

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It’s quite very easy to do what Lifepoint Church does, with Webflow. The videos are Youtube embeded videos, it’s easy to do that in Webflow.

You have to consider the limitations though, you can’t have more than 100 pages in a Webflow project, so if you want one page per video… do the maths.