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Victorian CMS for a Steampunk Bar & Restaurant

Here’s a Victorian CMS made for Le Bathyscaphe, a Steampunk / Art Deco bar and restaurant. I had previously worked with the vectorian style for their printed comunication material (the project can be seen here ) and I decided to bring this alive for their website.

The typographic part was very funny to work with, although visitors are facing a staggering 650ko of fonts to download, but that’s a choice we made.

The little submarine has been animated using Webflow’s IX2.

(Project codename is 8pus for Octopus wich was the name chosen for the bar, which had to be abandonned before the opening, for legal reasons.)


@vincent’s done it again!

This is amazing, man!

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Love the submarine following you around the page while you scroll. A great and very unique design, well done @vincent .

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Reminds me of the animated newspapers in Harry Potter.

10/10 for originality. Great concept. Refreshing!


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Agree with @JoeMillion, so unique website once again, awesome work.
Love the submarine animation in the footer :slight_smile:

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That was one of the goals. But I didn’t have time and budget for it. However I’m not finshed on the HP thing :smiley:
I need to film people on 3 axis and have them move, and make a 3D morphing based on cursor position.