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Vesus Template Help (CMS Collection Pages)

Hi everyone,

I’m doing a portfolio site for my brother. It’s supposed to be just quick and easy (but we all know, things are never that way.) Anywho, I’ve managed to get a sorting list sorting through the CMS and each portfolio item uses a CMS collection page. My question is, because he’s doin storyboards, he wants animatics on certain portfolio items. I figured I’d create a slider that can use the CMS sorting through image items made in the CMS item. Well, come to find out, some of his animatics are 120 panels and I’m almost certain that could cause the site the crash. So here’s my question

Can I have some of the portfolio projects pull their look from one CMS Collection Page, while other portfolio items pull their look from a complete different CMS Collection Page? I’d like for the animatics portfolio items to be able to display a video, while all other projects, are built as is.

Sorry if what I wrote was a bit confusing.

Here is my site Read-Only: