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Very slow time to interactive in my project

Hello, @Webflow community!

I’m using Webflow + Ecwid combination for my ecommerce site
Read-only webflow link for project

There is a problem with my site that it has a slow time to interactive on mobile version (25-30 sec). That’s a nightmare because we’ve got above 50% of monthly traffic with mobile devices!

Btw, this is a screenshot from a small site page, not main one:

Also, there are more screenshots with such problems.
Slow javascript execution

Huge DOM-size for a main page

Huge DOM-size even for a page with small content on it

Have you got any advices how to handle such problems?

Thank you.

did tou get some advices from experts that how to fix this? :pleading_face:

That’s the Ecwid problem. And if you’re using “buy button” and “cart” Ecwid functionality separately on your Webflow site you would definitely face the same problem with interaction speed.

That’s why we’re going to change webflow + ecwid just to wordpress…