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Very slow page loading speed

Hi there,

I used a template to build a portfolio for a painter. She uses it to showcase her work, which is why there’s a lot of images on the site (most of them are CMS items). I’ve been keeping the file sizes of those mostly below 250KB (only light boxes could be around 350KB). Still, the site loads very very slowly to the point of it being unusable.

Did I oversee something? Thanks a lot for your help!

Read only link:

Please share a link to the published project so It can be inspected in a browser.

I’m guessing its this page, the OP meant:
Not sure though.

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I would suggest replacing all the PNG files with JPEG images. 30+ MB of images will slow any browser down.


2 Likes yes it is

Thanks! I thought I’d changed those.

What site is this / what program are you using to analyse the site like that?

You are welcome. That screenshot is from the network tab in Chrome devtools. All browsers have similar developer tool features.

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Thanks a lot! I’ll use that next time, so I won’t have to waste your time.