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Very Disappointed with Webflow

Guys, I am so disappointed in that having been a customer for years and hosting many websites with you guys, in such unprecedented times you cannot waiver fees on accounts for one month. Companies I have products with include Adobe Cloud, Google, Vimeo, Godaddy Hosting and Domains, Envato, M3 Server, Sophos having all been so kind in providing from one to three months free during this extremely difficult period. You have now taken down two of my sites, despite many attempts at trying. to contact you. I not only have a family to look after but elderly parents too, I don’t have the money this month and family is much more important. You may aswell take all my websites down and close my account. Loyalty after years of never missing a payment and as much as I hate asking you to waiver the fees for a month, I appreciate the 50% off, but I have 8 websites, two you’ve taken offline already. I can’t afford it. So if you cannot afford to waiver things for month until I can get back on my feet with things during this difficult period for all, then I would rather take my business elsewhere.