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Very Difficult to find Hidden Combo Classes

I have a project with the following basic layout

00 - Body
01 - - Sections
02 - - - Containers
03 - - - - Columns
04 - - - - - Rows
05 - - - - - - Sub-Columns

I have lots of 01-05 Hide Combo Classes. Head Hide combo class has display:hidden

I need to be able to Isolate all classes in Navigator that contains Hide combo class instead of creating new classes. Digging for Hidden classes takes a long time.

Usually Hide combo class was for MVP2 stuff or for easy Variation Switching.

How do you easily identify Combo Class name in Navigator?

Expand All CTRL find does not work.

There are at least 5 HIDE combo classes in here, how do i highlight or filter them them??

This is very easy with Code editor> but need to be able to do in designer please!!

Who here found an easy solution to this?


No, but please vote for this idea!


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It would be nice to ‘highlight’ matches.