Very bad behaviour of webflow with background videos


I just encountered a bad behaviour from Webflow that should be fixed.

I had uploaded a video as a video background but then I had to edit it. Once it was done, I tried to reupload it but Webflow would just load the previous version of it because both share the same name. It’s not like when you upload an image into your assets that has the same name of another one already there and the latter gets overwritten.

It seems like concerning videos, the file uploaded doesn’t get overwritten if another one is uploaded with the same name, it just persists and the new version of the file can’t be uploaded unless its name is changed.

I hope that this can get the attention of someone able to fix the issue or at least make it happen!


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I just tried it, you are absolutely right.
Even if you use a different name, then use a file with the original name it doesnt work.
Two theories here.
The files are locked and if not used will be cleaned up by a process scan their end.
This is a bug.
Can you log it with support, its probably a known issue their end but as everyone knows webflow has kind of been dead in updates for eons. Their focus has been else where.