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Vertically Center Issue


I’m having trouble vertically aligning some content. On preview mode it looks centered correctly but when viewing on iphone it looks like Aling: End

Trying to achieve this:

How it looks on Webflow Preview Mode (perfect):

How it looks on iphone (bad, aligned end):

Any ideas?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

hi @Quitos you have too many use of absolute and fixed positioning that are for your design unnecessary and you can IMO create your design much simpler way.

I have also checked published site to be able see it on iPhone but there is “UNDER CONSTRUCTION” title instead dropdown.

EDIT: I have just found old home page and here is short video from real devices. As you see I CAN’T replicate your issue.

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Hey Stan! I really appreciate you took the time to screen record!

I actually ended up solving the issue hours later I posted on forum and I believe it’s looking good right now, not perfect tho. Will definitely work on the mobile landscape.

How did you test on real devices? Is it BrowserStack?

Thanks a lot man! Stay safe

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I’m using several real devices. Mirroring to screen is via Reflector4. If issue doesn’t persist you can close your request.

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