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Vertical Nav Bar Not Aligning

First time webflow user. Can’t seem to get the work to align in the nav bar. No idea why it’s doing that. Any ideas?

Hi @Nicholas_Graham_Plat, thanks for the post, could you please help to share the site read-only link? That will enable a view to the navbar styles:

I cannot say for certain, but that link might have a current class styling different than the other links, that can be checked with the read-only link.

Thanks in advance.

Hey there!

Here is the read only link:

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Hey @Nicholas_Graham_Plat,

Great question.

To get all of the nav text aligned: change the “Nav Link 6” display setting to block.
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You can view how the update looks in the following short video:

Hopefully this helps :nerd_face:

Best regards,

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