Vertical nav Bar doesn't appear when published

First I’m a beginner at this so apologies in advance…
I realise this has come up several time on threads but the solution seems different each time. The problems seems to be how browsers handle publication most of the time.
I’ve created an internal side nav bar for my site (test server: Cerebral Aneurysms) which previews fine but doesn’t appear on publication.
I’ve set a z-value of 20
I’d be grateful for any thoughts on how to resolve (ideally without custom code)?

Thank you for any help

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Hi @dwalsh,

Welcome to the forum! Would you be able to send through your Read-only link and I’ll have a look?


Thank you for your reply- here is the link:

Hi @dwalsh,

Thanks for sending that through, have your republished recently? The elements on the page aren’t the same in the Designer as the source code.

Just wondering if there’s a reason you’re using Navs for this side bar? You might be better off just using a sticky div.

This lesson is quite useful: Creating a sticky sidebar | Webflow University

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Hi @Mww- sorry! I had commenced to fiddling after I sent the link. I take your point about the div but the issue seems to have gone away with my simply starting to build the element again from scratch. Im still not sure what exactly the problem was! Appreciate the help though


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