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Hi everybody. I’m working on the construction of a website from the Klaer template but I have a problem with the texts from the vertical menu wrapper. It seems everything’s ok about background’s and texts’ colors but I can’t see correctly the navbar menu on the live website. Links are live and clickable but it seems like texts are white (same color of the background)!
May somebody help me pls? Tks
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Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Share your ‘read only’ link please so we can have a nosey at what’s going on :+1:

Hi @Francesco_Bonometti,

Thanks for your post. The read only link would really help to check what might be the issue, however when something is not showing, one thing to check is the opacity of your link blocks, that should be set to 100%

If you have some interaction that is targeting the links, make sure there is a step to set opacity to 100%

Otherwise, check your link block style for Opacity and verify it is at 100% then republish.

I hope this helps!


Thanks for your answer, Dave. Here’s the read only link: Webflow - ClaDen


Thx for your suggestions. It seems all right about the opacity. This is the read only link: Webflow - ClaDen

Hope you can give me some help.
Another prob’s about links to blog posts. The previews in the homepage link only to the blogposts template and not to the contents I wrote.
TKS again :slight_smile:

Hi @Francesco_Bonometti, thanks for your reply. I took a look and it seems there is a page load interaction that is affecting to the vertical menu:

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see here:

Shared with CloudApp

There are some actions in the timeline that are not targeted on elements (the yellow warning icons)

I would either delete that interaction or fix the animation timeline.

I hope this helps

Solved! Thx a lot, Dave!

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