Vertical marquee children not behaving the way I want them too indside css grid

Hello all,

Currently in a pickle, I have grids that are neatly touching and have lines outlining the areas like so

I really like this layout and am getting ready to set it up for a vertical marquee interaction(super cool!) However here is the issue. I’m having trouble keeping it to the size that I want it to for all screen sizes, when I adjust the sizing the grid lines no longer behave the way I want them too. Like so

Is there a work around this? Should I rethink how Iam using divs? min/max sizing? or something else entirely? your help is greatly appreciated. This is issue is on the catering page of my website. Thank you

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I forgot to note that I removed all sizing in the marquee holder and then that container stretched all the way down the page(yuck!)

Its messing up my pretty lines, spacing and layout. :frowning: