Verified the domain from Godaddy through TXT but it's not live after publishing

I bought the CMS hosting last night and tried to connect the domain I bought from Godaddy with the tutorial, but it failed. First, I cannot delete or edit the DNS recorder as showed in the turoial video on Godaddy, then according to the comment under the video, I verified successfully by using TXT, but when I published the web, I found it doesn’t work, it’s not live, the website still shows “launching soon”, I totally don’t know what I can do next, any help please?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi! Did you set the new homepage before publishing?

Hi Sobota, I don’t know, what do you mean set the new homepage? I already have a page called “home”, do I need to set a new one?
Here is my work link, Webflow - Asteroid
if you can check it and point out where to set the new homepage, I would appreciate that

Ah, by this I thought you have a different page set as “launching soon”. Did you publish it on a live link? What’s your domain?

Oh god, yes!! I published the website on Godaddy before!! So this must be the problem! My domain is

Hi, I tried several times, I went to Godaddy and unpublished my website, then back to webflow and published again, but still doesn’t work, this is frustrating :frowning: don’t know what’s going on