Veeam Powershell "Storage-Level Corruption Guard" File Backup Maintenance

I am creating a number of backup copy jobs for Hyperv machines in Veeam using powershell. I need to turn on target–>advanced–> Storage-level corruption Guard “Preform backup files health check” and set it to monthly - Last Saturday

and also Set

Remove deleted items data after “30 Days”

Defragment and compact full backup file to “Monthly → Last Sunday”
I have written this based on something on the veeam forums, there are no errors but it also appears to do nothing:

``` $retention = Import-csv C:\script\test.csv

    Foreach ($i in $retention)


        Set-VBRJobAdvancedOptions -Job $i.'BC-Name' -EnableIntegrityChecks $True

         $job = Get-VBRJob -name $i.'BC-Name'
        $Options.GenerationPolicy.RecheckScheduleKind = "Monthly"
         write-host $job.Name $days $weeks

        $Options.GenerationPolicy.RecheckScheduleKind = "Monthly"
         $Options.GenerationPolicy.RecheckBackupMonthlyScheduleOptions.DayOfWeek = $days
        $Options.GenerationPolicy.RecheckBackupMonthlyScheduleOptions.DayNumberInMonth = $weeks
        $Options.GenerationPolicy.EnableRechek = $true
        $job.SetOptions($Options) | out-null
        }type or paste code here