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Various pages not working anymore or messed up


Since yesterday, various of our pages are broken. E.g. the dynamic pages in our “Blog” or “Magazin” section are not loading at all, but also static pages (like “FAQs”) are only showing the footer and nothing else and other pages are missing components.

In webflow everything looks fine, also in preview mode. But once published, everything is messed up. I hope you can help me as this is highly impacting our business (and really annoying tbh). I checked if we were hacked but this does not seem to be the case so happy for every tip you guys migh have :slight_smile: Thank you!!

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK]1
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@Maxi-Moss ~ Welcome to the community!

When I previewed your FAQ page, I see it all. Can you provide the published url so we can inspect it further?

Hello :slight_smile: And thank you for the quick reply. Here you go: FAQ – Wir beantworten deine Fragen | Moss

@Maxi-Moss ~ No problem. :slight_smile: I can figure out why it’s not loading your sections at all. There’s nothing to inspect with Chrome Dev tools. I don’t know if there’s some script causing this, but it’s still confusing to me because if the display was set to “none”, you would still see the section in the code. :man_shrugging:t3:

I might have to leave this to an expert. I’m curious to see what I’m overlooking. Out of curiosity, what’s in your “Custom Code” site settings?