Various design issues

I’m new to Webflow. I’ve cloned a site and I’m experiencing some issues that I can’t resolve. Any assistance for the following is much appreciated:

There seems to be a background color that’s affecting sections and pages of the site. For example: the navbar should be transparent, it’s blue; when changing other section’s background colors on the homepage, the color isn’t accurate (changed to yellow, it shows green); the “Island Info” page is washed out

How can I change the size of the “Harbour” image on home page?

The text in “big paragraph 2” flashes for second and then disappears when viewing the staging site?

There seems to be a trigger set for “bike” image on the homepage. Where can I access these settings so I can modify?

Thanks! ~Tracy

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - SCclonedsite

@113tlc Let me address a few of those issues you are having.

The navbar is transparent, it’s the body background color that is blue. The Island info page has a container with the class of sticky which has an opacity effect which has a value of 40%. Also, to change the image size of the Harbor image you can set the max-width to 100% and apply a pixel value to the width property. As far as the bike, that one is sending me through a loop so I’m going to assume it’s in the custom code section of your project settings because unless I missed something, there are no interactions or animations set up in the interactions panel. Also can you tell me what section specifically you are referring to with the color issue?

I know you said you cloned the site, but are you the person who designed it?

Let me know if you need any more assistance.

Hi Chris,
Thanks for your prompt assistance. I’ve changed the body color to transparent. This has solved the section color issues. However, the section color fading with scroll effect is lost and there are bands of white and color between sections and the navbar is grey in live preview.

DarioStefanutto is the designer of the site I’ve cloned. I’m wanting to achieve the scroll fade color change as his site.

How do I keep the heading typography color true, white, rather than picking up background color?

Is this where I’d change the Harbour image size? Please tell me what I’m doing wrong.

Can you point me in the direction to keep “big paragraph 2” visible rather than flashing for a moment and disappearing? This is visible in live preview.

Where can I find custom code? I’ll continue to experiment with the bike.

Thanks Again! ~Tracy

@Sam, thanks. The layout and site features (color fade, sticky text and image scroll) of the cloned site are perfect for what I want. I was hoping to add my images, change text and colors while keeping the functionality and the beautiful design elements intact. Since I’m new, I’m learning skills but don’t have the knowledge just yet to add the design polish, thus my decision to clone. Additionally, I thought I’d be able to reverse engineer to see and learn how to set-up the elements that make the site beautiful. ~Tracy

Just think of it like any other project as designer, first principles, answer the brief and so on. What’s the appeal to any client or designer about a template?

@sam the appeal to me was having a site that has features (section color fade) already built-in; a “plug and play”. I can create a site that is flat in design. I want something more that will minimize the learning curve by having creative design elements included.

@113tlc who’s the Sam Haskins you keep answering? Its very disrespectful to get names wrong in replies when the internet makes it easy.
I’m @Sam_Sharpe

@Sam_Sharpe My apologies, I didn’t realize the @xxx pre-filled. No disrespect intended. Lighten up.

@Sam_Sharpe aside from you critiquing my choice to use a “template”, not responding to my choice for this, and being “disrespectful” due to @ pre-fill, can you provide solutions/ resolution to the challenges I experience with design?

@113tlc The parent container with the sticky class has an opacity effect of 40% (scroll toward the bottom of the style panel) which is why the headings are not looking the way you want them to. Also, there is a div block next to the image. You should delete that div block, it is why the image isn’t scaling the way you expect. Then, set the max-width to 100% and the regular width property to whatever pixel value you want.

I think you should watch this course by @Ran_Segall Free Web Design Course 2020 - YouTube this should help you with your learning. Also, Take a look at Webflow 101 crash course | Webflow University it will definitely help you understand Webflow better, @McGuire is a wonderful teacher with a personality meant for heaven.

I think it would be easier if you had a better understanding of how things work in Webflow before working on your project.

A final thing @Sam_Sharpe and @113tlc the interaction between you two seemed a little heated. @Sam_Sharpe, Tracy came here for help and it just seemed as if you kind of attacked her for her use of a template to start her project. We all are at different skill levels and have different abilities, so it’s not right to come after someone for how they decide to achieve a particular result.

@chris_loggins I’ve watched many of the Webflow courses and not gaining the understanding I apparently need. :slight_smile: on your “personality” comment. I’ll check out the other course you recommended.

I’m creating the site for a conference. I’ve used other platforms and thought I’d give Webflow a try. While I like web creation, my objective is to create a site for 3 month use.

Thanks so much for your time and assistance. ~Tracy

@113tlc I say this as templates generally only work as bespoke tailored solutions at an organisational level and when you want to do something outside of template scope you generally run in to problems. If you have not I suggest you try again as you will do.

@chris_loggins someone else’s template is no way to design as the person using it will see pretty quickly where it doesn’t work. Start from scratch/ignore the developers/frameworks/buzzwords is the beauty of what Webflow does well, the box model is definitely not rocket science.

@Sam_Sharpe the site is live and works perfectly. Thanks.

With a template? If so share the link as it will be useful for others in a similar situation. Cheers

@Sam_Sharpe templates can work as a starting point for beginners. Now of course they will have to put in some work and make it unique, but it’s definitely a good starting point.

@113tlc Glad to hear you got your site up and running.

@chris_loggins Yes! I tweaked as needed but kept much of the functionality I liked from the template that I would have not been able to create on my own, without a considerable time investment, which I didn’t have. Thanks.

@Sam_Sharpe I’ll share the link soon.