Validation error "missing field" when field has value

So this is strange. Via the API I’ve been batch importing WordPress posts into webflow using a custom script that has ben working up until this point. All of a sudden, using the same logic, it stopped working for remaining posts and tells me that the feature-image field is missing from the POST request. The thing is it’s definitely there within the data and the image is there at the url. Here is the an example of what the data looks like within the post request:

{"fields":{"_archived":false,"_draft":false,"name":"Selling Fast: Investors and Loss Aversion","publish-date":"2019-06-18T18:09:53","slug":"selling-fast-investors-and-loss-aversion","feature-image":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2019\/06\/timing-anal.jpg"}

I know that there are some escaped characters, but I don’t think that should matter here especially in light of the fact that the successfully imported posts were formatted the same exact way.

Very strange. There aren’t any additional rate limits applied to images uploaded via the API right?

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Not sure about the values, API and missing fields, but I recommend finding a better naming convention for photos with a word that starts with these 4 letters … :rofl:

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