Validation Error CMS - Cant complete responsive image creation

My client is getting an error on the backend of his website. I can’t find why it’s giving this error and can not see anything that is wrong on the front-end. Images not looking weird at all.

In your description, backend = The Webflow Editor, and frontend = the published website?

In any case the text of the error seems clear. I’d think a validation error would refer to missing fields that are not supposed to be NULL, or numeric, text, or image fields where you’ve added rules after, but the current data violates those rules.

Not sure why this would impact responsive image creation, however this does make some sense regarding image fields.

Use your Invalid Items list, pick one, and go look at the images. You should see red errors, I’d think, where that media item violates the rules you’ve defined.

Thanks for your answer!

I already looked at that. There’s no extra rules on the backend that were later added and the required fields all are filled in. I also don’t have any rules on image size.

If you try adding the same images, do you get the same errors?
One possibility is that the client has a browser add-on that’s interfering with the scripts.

Beyond that Webflow support is your best bet here.

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