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Using ZorroSVG as an alternative to PNG

There’s a great alternative to PNG called ZorroSVG that helps to optimize size of transparent images making lightweight JPG inside SVG masks. Results of the compression are great — up to 80% from the original size.

More details here —

The developer says that this technology based on SVG 1.1 so it supports all the current versions of web browsers out of the box.

The only thing… It doesn’t work with Webflow.
I tried to add the example image to the page but the only thing I see instead is the blank picture —

Guys, maybe you could take a look on it?


Looks like I can see it. Maybe try an CTRL+Shift+R to see the content?

Hi @geneboyle, thanks for the question. I took a look also, and this is what I see, is that the correct image?

Cheers, Dave

Thanks for helping.
Seems like the problem is with Safari. Chrome shows the image correctly.

Hi @geneboyle , thanks for your update. Yep, I just noticed that too from the ZorroSVG homepage:

"The SVG file download does not seem to work in Safari. "

Also, this does not work on iOS 7.

Maybe best to use a lightweight jpg or png, or use the fallback instructions they provide on their homepage, to point to an alternate png file if the svg file does not work :smile:

Cheers, Dave