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Using Wordpress (IBM Watson Chatbot Plugin)? - Help me Persuade a Client to Move to Webflow!

Hey community!

I’ve just started working with a company who’s in the AI vertical. While I’m currently only doing the design for them, but I’m persuading them to move across to Webflow as they’re currently on Wordpress. One hang-up for them is that Wordpress has an IBM Watson chatbot plug-in, which they’d like to use -

Now I have no idea when it comes to this kind of stuff, and I know Webflow can only do so much, but would you guys have any ideas on how I could make this work for them?

Thanks in advance!

According to their repo here, this is using PHP.

Also, another requirement is installation of a REST plugin, which is server-side code as well.

Therefore usage of this plugin is not compatible with Webflow.

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