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Using WF IX for Modal/popup is buggy!

I have used native interaction to create modal box in web flow. The problem is that is buggy. It works only once. When I click the nav. The modal box appears, when I click the close button, it works too. But when I click the nav link again the modal box does show up again. You would have to refresh the page for it work again. Why?

Another issue I have experienced is that, the modal box sometimes comes up when you have navigate to another page.

I have my modal box setup right. It is hidden by default.

See the issue here: ( Click the Health Plans or the connect tile navigation on the landing page.

Hi @topelovely, thanks for your report. So that I can check how this is working, could you let me know, which link are you clicking to open the modal window? I see you have several.

Cheers, I await your response. Dave

This is it:

I have tried this custom code provided in the forum, but it acts the same way. Is it that I can’t have multiple modal box on a page? Also try the connect tile button (I use custom code for that. But that won’t work too when the health plan tile goes wrong) Though it works, but also fails too, just like the one mentioned earlier

Any Luck? Just checking to know if you have solution for me why WF IX is like that.

Hi @topelovely, I am still checking into this case. I will hope to have more information soon though on this case. Thanks for your patience !

Cheers, Dave

Hi @topelovely, ok problem #1 about why the modal window misbehaving is solved, see my video:

Check that first issue, and then if you are still having problems with some links that are supposed to open modals, but are opening pages, let me know. Cheers, Dave

Thanks dave. Just didn’t have time to respond.

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