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Using Webflow Trigger Click to apply on my custom embed table
Please go to Data Capture folder and see Review & Edit page.

I made the table and wanted to add show and hide using webflow trigger click.
So… I wanted to make the section that I named as ‘billing show and hide’ shows when you click the number of the first table cell, and also, it should hide when you click the second.

The table row should be repeated 10 times with those show and hide function.

I know how to use the trigger like I’ve done on the page, New Price in setup folder.
(when you click tier check box, the tier 1 is showing)

However, the trick is how to apply on my custom table.
Is there any ways to solve this?

Maybe put all the custom code contents in Divs and then apply the interaction to the Webflow native Divs?

Hope this helps. :+1:

You might need to create custom jQuery or javascript for this interaction.

The native Webflow interactions cannot be used to add/remove classes or apply special interactions to tables.

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