Using webflow to pull data from an external API

I am working with a friend on a project and he has a graphql DB with some information in it I would like to query and display results from. I am out of my depth here so hoping someone can help!

The request he has given me looks like:

const res = await axios({
url: “”,
method: “post”,
// headers: {
// “secretkey”: “”
// },
data: {
query: query get_matched_data { linked_data(where: {input: {_similar: "${input.toUpperCase()}%"}}) { data1 data2 url } }
}).catch(err => {

Can someone help me figure this out / point me in the direction of how I figure it out? I tried making a form with “input” and putting all of that in the action linked to a button and setting it to POST but that was wishful thinking!


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I have been referring to this forum post:

However when i click the button I am redirected to a “about:blank#blocked” page.

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