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Using Webflow to design and export new pages to merge with an existing theme

I currently have a client that has a Volusion ecommerce site. I’d like to be able to layout my pages in Webflow and paste the code and place supporting css files but keep having issues. When I place the css tags in the section to reference the Webflow css files it messes up the template layout. As soon as I remove the tag it works again. Has anyone used Webflow with Volusion successfully?

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Webflow is meant to create sites from scratch. If you already have an existing theme, merging the exported project with the CSS files/styles for your current template may be overridden by a general “reset” stylesheet used by Webflow, and thus this method is not recommended.

I suggest you completely redo the entire site (not just add on a few pages) in Webflow, or don’t.

Advice is the same for any external site/CMS, including Wordpress, Magento, Shopify, etc.

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