Using Webflow only for the content on my site & not the application

We are currently evaluating moving over from Wordpress to Webflow. There is one critical issue we need to confirm.

We do not want to have a sub domain with the Webflow content and the main domain with our application.

I want to have a single domain that will be used for both a web flow content page and a web based version of our application. Our product has member public profiles. We want to set it up that some pages will be content managed by Webflow, but other pages will be managed by our application. We want it all on the same root domain.

If a user goes to our home page, they will need to see Webflow managed content if they are not logged in. If they are logged in, they will see their account within our application.

We are not looking to host our content on a subdomain. We want it to be on the same root domain as our application.

Can this be done in Webflow

Hey @Maurice_Harary

In theory yes, we’ve used something simmilar to that in the past. It’s called reverse proxying where you would have a staging domain connected with the Webflow project and then you would need someone to rout that staging domain over to your production domain which is occupied by the application.

The part where you want to show two different projects on the exact same URL might be a bit more tricky though since it would require some super custom build to be able to read if a user is logged in and immediately do the QT to have them visit a different version so i’m not 100% sure about that. Hope this helps, cheers