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Using Webflow on Hybrid - Discussion

Hey All,

I’m using webflow for quite some time now but I feel like I can’t work whenever and wherever I want too.
To solve this I was thinking of buying myself a Hybrid Tablet.

I know that webflow isn’t build for touchbased operations but perhaps it does work on a hybrid. Since you do have access to a good resolution, keyboard and mouse.

So I was wondering if anyone actually tried Webflow on a Windows Tablet or on a Android Tablet using keyboard and mouse. It might actually work on a Windows Tablet because it registers touch in a different way than on Android.

If someone can confirm this, that would be awesome. Since I was really thinking in buying a Dual boot tablet running Windows and Android. And finding a good keyboard case isn’t really a problem nowadays (however finding one with an embedded touchpad isn’t that easy it seems.)

What do you guys think?