Using Webflow landing pages on Wordpress site

Hi Webflow folks,
Im currently working with a client that runs a wordpress website and uses Unbounce for landing pages. Id like to cancel unbounce and instead use Webflow to build landing pages.

Is it possible to create landing pages in Webflow and then somehow add them to existing wordpress sites?

Thank you for your time.


Export the site from Webflow and integrate it to a /landing-pages directory in your WP site. From there, it’s just linking work to link the site to the landing pages.

Thanks Vincent. Do you know if there is a tutorial for integrating it on a /landing-pages directory?

It’s really only file management, where you have to manually place the files on the server where the site is hosted, I didn’t see it like something you perform from Wordpress.

Ok so I’d get a tool like Filezilla, ensure the correct folder is open and then simply copy and paste the code into it? Thanks again for your time.

Yes, not pasting the code but the files and folder structure (mostly a list of page or unique page and a /image directory). Now from your wp site, the link should be /landing-pages/nameofthepage.html, and the link to the wordpress site from a landing page should be …/index.html