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Using Webflow forms against my own service

Hey guys,

I can’t find any details about what API the client-side forms code expects to correctly implement the success/failure states. Is there some convention for the body, or is it just relying on HTTP status codes?

Just a short blurb somewhere on the docs would be nice.


Hi, the success and failure state messages are currently handled with ajax requests from internal script in webflow.js. I beiieve we have no official callback or public api yet to these events, the notifications will only work if you are submitting form data submissions to Webflow, and not to third party form handlers. I will check this though with the team and see if there is any new information.

Are you hosting your site on Webflow, or are you exporting the html and using on an external server or host?

Best regards, Dave

Hi Dave,

I’m hosting it on my own server, and would like to keep the client code as-is and just emulate whatever the server is supposed to return for the forms to work correctly.

Even if can change, it would be great to know what the scripts expect at the moment. I’m not looking for a long-term api commitment and can always change my own server to match (well, ok, within reason… let’s not use any asn.1 binary blobs please).


Was there ever any change with this or is ajax still in place?

Hi @TwinTails, we are still using ajax with forms processing. There has been no change to this yet, and probably we will need to push out a couple of updates first before we can make any changes for this.

Cheers, Dave

still no changes to forms … no api, no option for custom post. Siloing your customers in with webflow isn’t really great.