Using Webflow as Landing Page builder

Does anyone know a way - or can recommend specific tools - to add things like personalization and A/B features found on landing page builders like Instapage, Unbounce, etc. to work on Webflow?

I want to build landing pages in Webflow to take advantage of creating really nice, unique, branded experiences for clients but also want to know if I can offer some of those baked-in features from dedicated landing page tools.

I explored this in depth as I was hoping to use webflow for the same scenario. I determined my clientele were better served elsewhere as there were way to many limitations. The fact that you can only have one template for a collection was the biggest deal breaker, but there were plenty of others.

Don’t just take my word for it but explore the product. Might meet your needs.

Right on, thanks for sharing your experience and thought process! Did you end up recommending a dedicated landing page builder tool or go with something similar?

I’m thinking right now, Webflow can work for clients who don’t have a huge demand for a total number of landing pages but want maybe 1-5 really unique ones for their campaigns…

P.S. would conditional layouts (like demonstrated here) be a workaround to the limitation of having one template for a collection, or am I misunderstanding that?

I built out a full managed WP infrastructure and standardized on bricks builder for marketing sites. Surpassed expectations.

That works. Just watch form processing since the built in form solution is missing lots and issues mean lost campaign submissions. If you go that route look at a third-party form processor like Basin.

Not in my opinion since all that does is hide elements in the DOM with CSS display:none. So pages get easily bloated and that’s an issue on funnel/landing pages. Example; browsers load hidden content, they just don’t show it. See example here →