Using Webflow as a landing page only and same domain being used in other website (Laravel)

Hi ,
We are looking if we can have webflow act as an landing page and at the same time have redirects to our already published site which is made using laravel. The point is both should have same domain.

For example; → Ladning Page (webflow) → Content Page (laravel)

similarly all other pages will be running on laravel.

Is there any way to achieve this without having any issues.
We insist on not having subdomain due to SEO and other ratings.

Any native Webflow-hosted solution would involve redirects, which likely defeats your SEO objectives.

Your only options are to;

  1. setup a reverse-proxy to manage your routing
  2. export your Webflow-built homepage to your Laravel server

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the prompt reply,

I have heard of reverse-proxy but not exactly sure on how it can be done when we use laravel and webflow.

About the export of homepage to laravel server does that mean any changes made using the Designer will be effected automatically or shud we re upload the webflow built site all over again to see the changes made using webflow?

Think of a reverse-proxy setup like a post office. Some PO boxes will get auto-forwarded to houses. Others will get forwarded to apartments or businesses. Others will just sit and collect mail for someone to pick up. You get to decide all of those rules.

So / goes to webflow.
And /* goes to Laravel

From the user’s perspective they’re just URLs. But setup can take some work to get right. You’ll need to do some research here to discover the best approach for your situation.

Not automatically, no. Edit, export, upload.