Using Webflow as a freelancer?

Hello all, hope you are well.

Basically I am new to Webflow but have been designing and publishing sites for about 7 years now. I have a few questions regarding how to work with clients etc. I will add them below and if anyone can help that will be massively appreciated.

  1. Say a customer requires CMS or e-commerce website, I know you have to purchase a site plane, so who pays for this, do us as the freelancer pay for it monthly, create the site then bill the customer for it monthly through client billing?
    2 How do customers update their blog or some website contents if I am hosting it from my Webflow account?
  2. How do apps like weglot, foxy & member stack work on clients websites, obviously they come with pricing, most of them monthly subscriptions. So how would I implement them? or how do you use them? Do you pay for them services monthly and just use them on multiple clients websites, or do you charge the customer individually for them and set them an account up on there?
  3. What account is required for me as a freelancer? I know you can get site plans but what personal plan allows me to embed code on all projects etc?

If none of this makes sense please let me know haha, I am confused with all the information intake, Thanks Adam.