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Using UserApp to add login and password to webflow

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@jorn your suggestion of using UserApp to add username and password authentication to a Webflow hosted site sounds really great, albeit technical. Could you share any additional pointers for how to do this?

(For context: I know that Webflow now offers a password protection option, but it doesn’t apply for those of us on free or personal plans, and email sign-in and authentication would be ideal in this case.)

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Yes, a bit technical. I downloaded a test site and looked how things worked and tried do it in Webflow.

You have host some javascript files somewhere and have them linked in Webflow. You have different options over at UserApp on how to implement this, i chose Angular JS. In the the designer you use the custom attributs fields to connect to the Angular JS script. Both on the body for the page and for divs that you eventually want to hide.

I ran into two road bumps I have not solved(and have not tried for a while either).
One is a settings file where you can redirect users. Say someone is trying to reach a locked page they should be redirected to the login page. On my test page I hide that content instead.
Two is more design related. Some input fields needs to have some custom attributs to work correctly. In Webflow you need to fill both input fields out. And for this angularjs to work you only need one. Because of this restriction I had to copy 'n paste a whole form(login form for ex) wich makes it harder design. You can of course design it and else where on you site and just use that class, but one thing you love about webflow is the design part and you want to see how it looks right away.
I’ve talked to the staff about the custom attribut thingy but never got a clear answer if they will or can fix it.

If this not makes any sense at all, ask away. I don’t have time to do a full tutorial even if it would be fun =)

Another note would be that it’s quiet in the community over at userapp. You wonder if it is a abandon ship.


@johanna_f, another option is authentication. That that can be integrated to webflow easily using javascript. Now with Webflow’s new dynamic embed, you can do a crazy amount of things with it.


I looked at firebase a few times but I must say the learning curve is high. Have to take another look. The UserApp approach for me was totally understandable but I need the Customer Attribute fixed :wink:.

On the other hand maybe its better to learn Firebase when its not clear where UserApp is heading.

Hi @jorn, yes that is true, a good knowledge of javascript and learning how firebase works will help.

For simple authentication though (say email, social media), it is pretty easy as there are examples provided.

Maybe not as easy to use as the upcoming ICQ widget :slight_smile: No eta’s on the ICQ widget though.


Going trough a online tutorial right now :grinning:

@jorn and @cyberdave, thank you so much for the updated advice! I will look into further. Greatly appreciated. I would truly like to stay within Webflow for this, so this sounds like a promising option. I, too, will try the tutorial!

This could be awesome, Dave can you share any tips on how to do this? You did promise in another thread to show us a tutorial, please? :grinning:

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Also what is an ICQ widget?


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