Using Typetura in webflow

I am trying to scale text to any layout with Typetura, however it’s a bit unclear to me how I’m supposed to incorporate it in the custom code. Can somebody please help?

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Hi Ana,

You should be able to get it to work using the following steps:

  1. Upload typetura.js somewhere you can link to it
  2. Open your Webflow project
  3. Open the page you want to add your React component to
  4. Click the gear icon
  5. Find the Inside <head> tag section and paste the following script tags to load React and React DOM:

window.typetura = {
selectors: [
// list of selectors to be used as contexts
<script src=“link/to/typetura.js”></script>

Now you can write Typetura CSS in your project.

Hopefully Webflow enables 3rd party plugins to make this easier, or works to integrate Typetura into their platform.