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Using the same interaction to affect a different element

Hi, last month I designed a site with a hide/show interaction for their FAQ section. Here is the share link I want to replicate this on the share link below on their FAQ section; however, on the original site (MyBirth) I was able to make the trigger affect a different element so creating the interactions was simple. On the current on (TopRide) I can’t see an option to affect another element. Am I just being blind or has this changed? Many thanks.

Here is my public share link:
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Hi @Roxzfr,

There is a simple way to do this by reusing the interactions, and not having all the paragraphs with different classes. Give me 5-10 mins and I’ll upload a video to demonstrate…

Thanks Mark - I tried that and everything went squiffy!!! So would really appreciate your video so I can do it properly!

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Here you go @Roxzfr

End result… all the questions and answers have the same class names, so you don’t need to name them all different things.

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Thank you so much for doing this @magicmark I will follow the steps! Many thanks

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Let me know how it goes! Any issues, then pop back here.

Thanks - it worked a dream and so much easier than the last time I did it! Have a great evening (I’m in the UK). Many thanks.

You have to be in the UK when you use that word. UK here too :joy:
Glad it worked, have a nice evening too!

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