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Using the navbar correctly

I added a new menu link to my navbar,


and it appeared at the end of the navigation menu links.

About Services Service Area Contact Home

I want it to be in the front.

Home About Services Service Area Contact

Cant figure out how to move it over!


Select the menu item element, now go to the Navigator tab, you’ll see your menu element in a list of other elements, click and drag to position where you want it.

Or simply click and drag it in the designer window…

@Elliot If you’re wondering why the Navbar tab appears on the right instead of the left, it’s because the Navbar tabs are floating right which requires the tabs to be put in reverse order.

Thanks for the information tip, 79

Vincent, is attached image #1 what you refer to?

If so, then you will see in attached image #2 that upon me clicking ‘menu’ in the navigation tab, the menu items dissapear in the designer! :open_mouth:

Hi @Elliot, could you help to post the link to the site?

Thanks in advance!