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Using the code/pre tags

Hello, everyone. Please explain how can I use code/pre tags with WebFlow?

Hi @SimWhite, for those tags, you can create some manual html (as we do not have these tags yet in the designer ui) and then paste your HTML into an Embed widget. See the following article on embedding code to your site…code can be any kind of valid html tags etc

You can also set a .pre style with a fixed-width font if it’s the only goal you’re pursuing.

I need something like this:

I will try both of the proposed solutions. Thanks.

Go here : and select the HTML Tag page. I’ve updated my example to make it look like you pre block, sort of.

Thanks a lot! Please do not delete it for some days, I can’t check it in details right now. I will try to reproduce it tomorrow.

Take your time it’s going nowhere.