Using the CMS to populate the lightbox media list

Is a lightbox possible with the CMS?


Not yet. But we are working on a future release of the CMS to work with our native widgets (sliders, lightboxes, Google Maps, etc.)


Thought it already! Many thanks!

It works pretty easy with custom lightbox, like I did here
You style it only once and poof! Whole gallery is ready :slight_smile:

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Can you show us how you did it?

I see that you can tell the lightbox thumb to be dynamic but I don’t see a way to edit the lightbox link to pull in content.

Hi @Chris_Grover,
It is custom made lightbox, not generic widget.

If you want to see it “from inside” here is read-only link, dynamic page: “Albums detail page”


Hi @sabanna,

Your read only link has expired, is there any chance of sharing it again please?

Many thanks,

Can enyone @webflow give us an idea when this option will be there? Just like the slider… its really needed for 80% of my websites. now i can’t give so many customers an CMS… and i do all the work… in case of making news sites!

Oww, sorry @BenStratford, didn’t realize that.
Here we go:

Also here is a one of topics where I gave step-by-step instruction

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Hope this feature comes soon, a customer asked me already after that :wink:

Nice greets,


Need. this. so. much. :frowning:


I hope this feature is still on the list :smiley:

I really need this functionality on sliders, lightboxes…and every time I butt against it I feel like trying a different system…but I don’t because I love Webflow. This discussion was nearly a year ago and the questions get asked over and over. Are you guys any closer to releasing something?



Echo-ing everyone else, this feature is really needed.

This is especially true of videos who need to:

  1. autoplay when launched
  2. be paused when closed

Virtually everything else can be populated from a CSM except the Lightbox media.

Would buy the Eng and PM who prioritize that a :beer:

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@PixelGeek bump, bump, bump times infinity!!

I started to complete the last feature for my clients website and decided to create the CMS component to easily add his youtube videos as portfolio items. Oh, whoops. Except now that I’m finished I remember the Dynamic List items can’t open into a simple lightbox. grr

This really needs to be a feature. I appreciate all of the other features that have been debuting but honestly, this should be #1 right now.

Ey guys!

@oramsdesign came up with a very good solution for this, check this out here.


Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Nice!!!
But I agree DSGNR… Please give some extra attention on small projects like this kind of things!

We are designers, not programmers!