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Using text input and button to go to custom url including text

I am building my website with Webflow and I want to give our customers a way to access their customer area. The customer area is

I want them to be able to type in their customer code and press a button and then it takes them to their area. Which is not controlled by webflow but is a file repository that they access via user/password.

I’ve managed to add an input box (as part of a form) and a button and I’ve added javascript for the button click event to do what I need.

If the user types in and clicks the button then all is well. However if they press enter then it treats it as a form submit and I get an email, they get a message and it doesn’t execute the javascript (because it’s not a click).

Any good way of achieving what I want? I’m a bit stuck at the moment!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Webflow currently doesn’t have native support for

  • File upload
  • CRM (Login/Register/Forgot PW/Restricted pages)

I think you miss my point. I don’t require any of those things.

What I want is for the user to type in their customer code and press a button and then I want to navigate to a url that includes the customer code that they entered.

Yes, where will that URL be hosted? Will admin be entering all these customer code for each customer into the CMS manually?

Check this out.

Its done with angular.js, w3schools

Hope it can be useful :grinning:

Exactly the same problem! Type something in and press enter

click the button not enter =D

edit: sorry didn’t read your problem carefully enough there @gwyn_carwardine .

Hmm, trying to get it to work with my angular set up but it seems that I cannot use /{{user-code}} in the form settings.

I give up :neutral_face:
Sorry I couldnt help out

On my test page I solved it with adding a button on the success message. That way the user could either press the submit button directly or if he pressed enter instead he will be presented a button that will take him to correct page.

Still an irrelevance

They type “xyz” in the box, press the button (or enter) and it navigates to

That’s all I need!

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