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Using non-breaking space and site review

Hi all,

I’ve made my site public, so for everyone to review, go ahead:

I’m especially curious if anyone finds odd things about how I’ve built it, from a technical pont of view. I am still not so very familiar with building websites in the first place and Webflow in particular, so any criticism is welcome. Design changes are to come, but later on.

One question in particular: in the footer I’ve typed my phone number but since I didn’t want this number to be cut into two parts I inserted the code for a non-breaking space. It functions only partly as foreseen, because it stops this number from breaking, that’s good, but I don’t get the space anymore. What did I do wrong?

Thx for all the help!


Hi @TomLamers, thanks for the post. Could you update that to provide a little more info, some screenshots of how it is looking incorrection, and the element in the designer? Also if possible, provide the link to the published site so we can take a look at how it looks in the published site :smile:


Hi Dave and thx for your reply.

I’ve managed to solve it. Don’t know how exactly :slight_smile: I first went to look in Chrome, and there it was no problem.Went back to Safari, and didn’t. Then tried to ‘Clear formatting’ again, which didn’t change anything before but now it did and pasting the code into the right places gave the result I wanted, as you now can see at

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Hi @TomLamers, thanks a lot for the update, glad to hear you got it working :smile: Feel free to post anytime, this community is here to get help when you may need it :slight_smile:


Hi @cyberdave, I’m still having this problem with non-functioning code for a non-breaking space.

This is the published site:
and this the share-link:

Look at the 2 arrows for the exact position where I pasted the code   into the text, replacing a normal space. Reason why I want this is that I don’t want the euro-sign and the amount in 2 separate lines, the same for the number of the day and the month.

Would you please look into this?

Hi @TomLamers, thanks for the followup, I am looking into to this :slight_smile: cheers, dave :slight_smile:

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