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Using Newport (/other?) template as a photogallery

Hi guys!
I’m thinking of migrating my photoblog ( to webflow and using the Newport template as a foundation. I have a few questions:

  • is it possible that when clicking on each of the images it would open the photo in a lightbox instead of opening the blog post?
  • i’d want to have all content (only images) on the main page and be able to add filters / categories, etc. on the top of the page - would that be easily achievable in webflow?
  • the posts would be of course handled through the CMS, must avoid of course having to edit the main page whenever I want to add / remove stuff.
    Any advice is much appreciated, since I’m very much a noob in webflow, but at first glance it looks amazing.
    Thank you!

Hi @remgriff, welcome to Webflow forum :webflow_heart:

  1. Lightboxes - Yes, possible and easy to do. Lightbox is an element widget in webflow that can be connected to a dynamic content.
  2. Filters - Yes, possible, but less simple. You will have to use external plugins and some custom code for that.