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Using Goggle Analytics Webflow Integration Vs Custom Integration on eCommerce?


So right now I’m using a custom integration with Google Analytics on a client eCommerce website. Since I’ve implemented it myself I haven’t bothered setting up events for tracing abandoned carts and so forth.

What about if I use the Webflow GA integration in the settings - will that be better att tracking everything on the eCommerce site?

The reason for not using webflow’s own integration is since it doesn’t provide support for consent before code execution.

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Hey @cajber - regarding Abandoned Cart Recovery and/or tracking, we build an app that’s native to Webflow that does this automatically - Abandoned Cart Recovery for Webflow Shops. We don’t integrate with GA, but the abandoned cart data is available through our own interface in case that interests you.

By default our app is designed to track & recover abandoned carts, but if you prefer to simply track them, you can turn off your email sequence and just track them.

Standing by if I can help you.