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Using flexbox to fill over CMS empty state?

This might be a dumb question (I’m hoping so…) but I’m wondering if flexbox can ‘fill in’ spaces in a collection page design when some fields are left empty in the CMS? I’m making a site for a podcast where there will sometimes be pictures or video with each post, but not always.

No read only link yet but hopefully these pictures make sense of this…

^ So if this is a fully populated collection page, suppose that the ‘virality stealth’ field is missing – would the right settings on flexbox allow me to make another field ‘fill in’ the space to something like this:

(excuse the hasty photoshop…)

Can anyone can explain the principle for me here? I want to end up with a design that won’t leave gaps when a field is empty, and the editor of the site can use without worrying about the posts looking weird…


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Hello @Maxwell

I think that you can use flex grow for the childs and they will expand to fill the remaining space.

See here >

Hope this helps :webflow_heart:

Thanks so much for the help @PiterDimitrov !

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