Using existing classes, but renaming them?

I have a project that I am working on, and I made a page that I wanted to use as a starting point for the next page… so I duplicated the page and gave it a new name. No big deal.

However, the classes used in the first page are named after that page… and I definitely don’t want to mess up the work I did on the 1st page by modifying the same classes on the 2nd.

Is there any way to “copy” or “duplicate” a class (with its current settings), rename it, then use it as a new class for the new page?

Thanks for the input in advance!

Hello @ilikewebdesign.

Unfortunately, NO, there is no such way like “clone/duplicate/copy class”.
But you can create a combo class, by adding one more name to existing classes. In this way you will be able to change some properties, but it will not effect global (first) class.


Thanks for the reply… that is what I have been doing, but that would be a FANTASTIC future feature!

Could I put that in the “Feature Request” thread?

You can always post this in a Wishlist category:

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