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Using Embedded code with tabs


I’m working on a client dashboard and I want to display different embedded code using tabs and CMS for each client but the code is not displaying on the published site
I’m trying to embed the code below into a tab using Using Collection Fields in Custom Code Embeds.

The goal is that each client will have their own dashboard and can tab through the navigation.

I use code for dashboard visualization and I want to embed for the “Overview” tab:

I have the CMS Collections set up where I have a plain text custom field where I’m dropping the above code.

Then on the clients Template where I am adding the script and using custom field “overview dashboard”)

I found an old post on webflow forum where I got the script:

I’m suspecting its something to do with the script bc I can see the databox code in the source code on the page but it’s just not displaying.

Any help?