Using data from same collection record on linked pages

I have used CMS to create multiple landing pages for different segments.
On each landing page I have a CTA button “Place order”
On order page I need same information from CMS I use on a landing page.
In my case I need to show custom hero same as on landing, I need to show a custom order form and link is stored in same collection etc.


How can I bind order page to the same collection record as a landing page it was linked from? I guess this should be done via query string parameters, but how exactly?

Any suggestions much appreciated!

I’ve since discovered that in Webflow you can only have one Template per collection (weird idea of CMS). I also failed to find out how I can dynamically bind Collection record to a page based on a query string parameter for example.

What I ended up doing - I created two collections: Landing pages, Order pages.
I added references to both collection Landing pages ↔ Order pages
So, effectively made a 1:1 connection between these two collections.

With this setup I was able to make a template for Order pages and link to it from template for Landing pages. Since Order referenced from Landing has link back to the Landing - all records from Landing collection are available on Order template. I imagine I can add more linked pages using this approach. Of course it would be nice, if I hadn’t add back-reference manually.

It’s difficult to picture your setup, but I probably would have integrated them into a single page, by using the Landing collection page for both.

You’d just use a small piece of JS to check the querystring ( or other order-mode indication ), and then hide the landing page section and show the order page section instead.

In general I’m not in a favor of mixing together completely unrelated pages using conditional visibility. I like the result I’ve got with separate templates and connected collections. I think this setup only work well for situations when number of records in the collection is relatively limited (customer segments in my case).

Here’s sample project: Webflow - CMS Collections with linked pages