Using Custom Code to Replace Url of a Collection item

Hi guys, I need your help urgently
In the Loom recording below, I’ve shared my nav menu functionality. Using FinSweet’s CMS Nest Attributes, I was able to nest a collection (Brands - Apple, Acer, Dell) in another collection (Categories - Phones, Laptops etc). Issue is when I click on Apple brand under Phones, it takes me to the Apple template page where I see all Apple products. Meanwhile, the desired effect is to click on Apple under Phones to see all Phones manufactured by Apple.

I was able to do that using the Inspect tool; I pasted the link from a filter of apple phones and I got the necessary result. How can I do use, maybe with custom code that checks when a user clicks on one of the brands in the dropdown, if the brand is from a certain category then it navigates to a page showing the products by that particular brand in the category e.g All Samsung phones only, not all Samsung products.

Loom Recording

Can’t see your cms design, but if you have a Brands collection, why not put the URLs that you want there, to the external sites, and then link your submenu items to that link field?

Would have been my go-to except some brands could appear in more than one category and CMS nest requires that the brands be linked to collection page - current brand

? No, it doesn’t. Make sure you’re using a Url-type field in your nested collection, you can use that in the nested collection list link binding just fine.

I tried that, my nested collection list no longer shows.

If I can’t get it to work, I’ll maybe just use static data instead of a nested collection list. Not the approach I’d love but still gives me 100% control.

Terrible misjudgement, even that doesn’t work since I’m using a collection list for the parent

Got it to work with a bit of jQuery. Thank you @memetican